Freed Classic Pro Hard Pointe Shoe

Freed Classic Pro Hard Pointe Shoe

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 These shoes are hand lasted by Freed of London Pointe Shoe Makers. They are constructed entirely from natural and biodegradable components. The platform shaped to an en pointe angle, which puts you in the optimum en pointe position.

Freed's Classic Pro Hard insole: Graduated design extra strong under the metatarsal and flexible under the heel. Extra deep vamp cut to a slight V shape. Light Wing block with strong block and platform. The side is cut lower and it has an elastic drawstring. Enables the dancer to feel supported while also presenting the curve of the instep. Worn by intermediate and advanced level dancers who requires more support and durability from their pointe shoes. 
- Made in UK

If you know your size and width, you can request a maker(s). Please call our store at 415.901.3491or email

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