Gamba G97 Pointe Shoe

Gamba G97 Pointe Shoe

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Gamba 97 Pointe Shoes by Repetto FEATURES:

- Wide Platform: for better balance on pointe

- Wide Box: to accommodate toes to lay flat in the box

- Flexible Wings: for better comfort going from flat to demi to pointe

- Low Profile: for better support to prevent foot from sliding down to the bottom of the box

- Fiber Carbon Shank: for more durability than the traditional cardboard shank

- 3/4 Length Shank: more firm near the bottom of the foot to lend support and extremely flexible near the insole to highlight the curve of the arch.

- Higher "V" Vamp: to give extra support on pointe and to prevent falling forward. "V" cut gives attractive line to leg and foot.

- Flat Outsole: to help maintain balance while standing flat by preventing the foot from rolling from side to side.

- Includes Ribbon Available in : Pink Satin 

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