Group Pointe Shoe Fittings

Group Fittings need approval based on group size and availability. You may schedule individual fittings here.

We welcome appointments for groups of three or more dancers to come in with their teacher for a fitting. These fittings may occur during or outside of regular business hours as needed. For local studios, in studio fittings may be available.

Please have a representative from your studio (teacher, owner, or parent) contact us to set up an appointment. We'd like to know the date and time requested, where you're coming from, which teacher(s) will be approving the shoes, what brands and/or styles are preferred, and how many students will be attending their first pointe shoe fitting.

Students who have already been on pointe are welcome to join the group, especially if they are looking for a new style or brand of shoe.

We will go over everything the dancer will need for their first pair of pointe shoes, including toe pads (or lack thereof), elastic and ribbon, stitch kit, toe tape, mesh bag, strengthening resistance band and more...

A pointe shoe sewing workshop can be included upon request.

As part of the group pointe shoe fitting experience, pointe shoes will be recorded as part of our Pointe Shoe Rewards Program, for more info, click here.

Please email or call 415.901.3491 to make an appointment.