Pointe Shoe Fittings

You can book your appointment here.

We ask that you allow plenty of time for the fitting, but it may not take as long if you are getting the same type of shoe as you've had before, or if you want to try a specific style or brand. If you need a full fitting or this is your first time getting pointe shoes, please arrive at least one hour before store closing.

If you still have your old pair of pointe shoes, you may bring them for comparison. Try to remember your current toe pads and accessories, but just in case you forget, we have samples for you to use.

We recommend comfortable clothing, convertible tights are preferred if possible. They could be worn under your street clothes or warm ups. If you do not have convertible tights, don't worry, we have try-on nylons.

Remember to trim your toenails, straight across and below the edge of your toe, but give yourself a few days to avoid sensitive toes, which might affect the feeling of the fit.

If you only want to try on shoes during a fitting and have no plans to purchase a pair, we offer a full fitting for a $25 pointe shoe fitting fee. If, at the end of the fitting, you end up purchasing a pair of pointe shoes, the fee will be waived or credited towards the pointe shoes. If you have paid the fee in the past, you can then use the $25 credit towards your next pair of pointe shoes purchased without a full fitting.

Any full price pointe shoes purchased will count towards SF Dance Gear's Pointe Shoe Rewards Program. For more information, please click here.

Finally, please show your new pointe shoes to your teacher before you break them in or sew on ribbons and elastic. If, for any reason, your teacher is not satisfied with the style or fit, you may exchange the shoes within 30 days as long as you have the receipt and they are unsewn and unworn. If they are returned without an exchange or store credit, the $25 fitting fee will be subtracted from your refund.