Pointe Shoe Rewards Program

When you join SF Dance Gear's Pointe Shoe Rewards Program, every sixth pair you buy will be free! Yes, that's right, FREE. That is equal to about a 16.7% savings, which is a better deal than any of our standing studio, Professional, or Teacher discounts. You can purchase multiple pairs at a time, but if you purchase different prices styles or brands, whichever style is least expensive will count as the free pair. There is no time limit on the program, so you can buy 1 pair per year or 10 pairs per month, whatever suits your needs best!

The only pointe shoes that are excluded from the Rewards Program are ones that are On Sale or that might receive a discount as a professional or teacher. However, as reasoned above, the Rewards Program is a better money saver. 

If you have any questions about a pointe shoe fitting, click here. Or if you have questions about scheduling a group fitting for your dancers, click here. If you're ready to book your pointe shoe fitting appointment, click here. For any other questions call 415.901.3491 or email info@sfdancegear.com