Covet Dance Dancer Recovery Set
Covet Dance Dancer Recovery Set

Covet Dance Dancer Recovery Set

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This “after dance” kit brings the relief you need to ease muscle pain, relax, deodorize, and revive your senses for tomorrow's day of dance. The reusable pouch includes these four artisan-made, natural products:

    • Pointe Powder - Dry, disinfect, and deodorize your tired toes and pointe shoes with our silky-smooth, super-absorbent Pointe Powder. Pro-Vitamin B5 and essential oil of Eucalyptus and Peppermint help soothe achy feet. Powder can be used to reduce friction and absorb moisture anywhere. 
    • Relevé Relief is the perfect sore muscle remedy after a hard day at dance. This muscle gel is loaded with ultra-cooling Menthol and a special blend of Pure Essential Oils. It glides on smooth and within seconds, you will feel the cooling action soothing and refreshing your muscles.
    • Plié Pedi-Soak - Relax, rebalance, and rejuvenate with the simple goodness of natural mineral salts and aromatic pure lavender oil. A 15-minute soak will relieve muscle pain and cramping and stimulate circulation, restoring and cleaning your tired, overworked dancing feet.
    • Brisé Spray provides total body relaxation before or after dance class with the calming, peaceful scent of three organic lavenders. Spritz it anywhere - your body, your costumes and leotards, or even your dance bag - for a moment of serenity any time you need one. The Organic Aloe adds a splash of moisturizing freshness. 

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